Be Practical!

Unless you completely isolate yourself from society, it is hard to avoid all of the festivities (including parties and food) at this time of the year. While everyone will approach it differently, it certainly won’t hurt to have a game plan for enjoying the season without gaining 20 pounds.

While hiding in a hole for a month or so is an option, it certainly isn’t practical. There are few who can adhere to a rigid 100% healthy diet all the time. For those who can, I applaud them. For the majority who can’t, have a plan in place. Letting go and eating everything in November and December and then making a New Year’s resolution to join a gym to work off the unwanted pounds is not a good plan, in my opinion.


  • So for the festivities that you do attend, have a plan in place.
  • If it’s a lunchtime event, eat a light breakfast and dinner.
  • If it’s an evening function, eat a light breakfast and lunch.
  • While at the event, have a goal of limiting yourself to 1 plate of food.
  • Make a point of focusing on conversing with others over eating. They will appreciate the fact that you are not stuffing your face while talking to them, and you will appreciate the fact that you are not overloading your stomach with food.
  • Take a few minutes and search online for some basic caloric facts about common party foods, including desserts. Armed with this information, you should have at least a little pause as your peruse the food.
  • Don’t stop working out… maybe even add 1 workout to your week. Just don’t lapse into the bad idea that a lot of working out will compensate for eating extremely unhealthy food. Good exercise and bad food do not equate. To be sure, it may be difficult to completely avoid unhealthy food, but manage the intake!

So… don’t hide in a hole. Go have fun, celebrate the time of year, and go to some parties. Just don’t forget to have a plan and to be practical!

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